the wow difference

WOW RO™ CPU Valve – A Better Solution

  • The patent-pending WOW RO™ CPU Valve operates with astonishing efficiency, reducing water waste by a substantial amount compared to traditional ‘air-on-water’ devices that must force water into the storage tank against increasing back-pressure against the membrane.
  • The WOW RO™ Water system is compact – taking up less space than conventional under sink units.
  • The WOW RO™ patented/patent-pending “zero back pressure” RO design provides maximum purity and production under a wide range of water conditions, such as higher feed water TDS, and lower operating pressures (as low as 20 PSI – performs on low pressure water supplies, eliminating the need for add-on pumps and service calls).
  • The WOW RO™ system is manufactured using all high-tech injection molded plastic – nothing to rust or corrode.