Increase your business and reduce the cost of sales with Topper Manufacturing’s revolutionary WOW ‘Water-On-Water’ reverse osmosis system – the industry’s best value in features and performance for price. The WOW system is extremely easy to install and service and offers many advantages over conventional point-of-use RO devices. This RO system is truly a game changer in this under-served product category. Discover all the benefits of selling the WOW RO system – it’s unlike all other RO products:
  • Compact foot print – smallest in its class – takes up 1/3 less space than conventional RO systems.
  • Ability to be installed on counter top or under-the-sink – allows for a ‘try-it-before-you-buy-it’ sales program (this allows for lower inventory requirements).
  • The counter top design is as easy to install as a Brita or a PUR unit.
  • Expresses a clean, modern appliance look and feel.
  • Operates as low as 20 PSI – does not need a pump in most installations.
  • Extremely easy for consumers to change the sanitary quick-change OEM-coded cartridges (which are recyclable).
  • Water-On-Water design technology gives customers what they want:  (a) the purest water (b) constant flow from the faucet – no other RO system does this, all have decreasing delivery flow as supply tank is depleted (c) fastest tank fill – 45 minutes versus industry standard of 2 hours  (d) consistent sized ice cubes
  • Hermetically sealed tank, unlike typical counter top systems that are exposed to ambient influences (such as Brita, Pur).
  • Adaptable to a variety of distribution channels, international markets and field applications.
  • Accommodates a limitless variety of proprietary designer housings (private label opportunities).
  • Plastic molded design for high volume sales (less labor in assembly process).
  • Expandable storage capability for greater water needs (larger families, food service, office applications).
  • The proprietary design affords the lowest manufacturing costs of any respectable point-of-use RO system available on the market, making it a viable participant at any market level, from individual dealer to mass market.
  • The WOW system combines all the essential components into a single integrated unit with only one moving part that fits together in a compact design.
  • Furthermore, the WOW system is manufactured using high-tech injection molded plastic, so there is nothing to rust or corrode.


With the WOW ‘Water-On-Water’ reverse osmosis system, you have an opportunity to help your customers, your community, your business (and the planet). In addition to the critical work you do fixing drains, toilets, installing garbage disposals and other plumbing essentials (and God knows they’re essential!), please understand that your customers are seeking the highest quality drinking water for their families – for drinking, cooking, making baby formula, for their pets – and they’re spending unnecessary money buying cases of bottled water at Costco, Trader Joe’s, Walmart, or having water delivered to their home. You will have the added benefit of knowing you’re giving your customer the best product available.  They value and trust your opinion and recommendations – now you can honor that trust with a high-quality product, the WOW RO system. With an inexpensive TDS meter you can quickly educate your loyal customers on the quality of their tap water, explaining the positive and exclusive benefits & features unique to the WOW RO system.:
  • Option of counter top or under-the-counter installation.
  • The WOW system is extremely easy to install and service.  All three connections are easily accessible in one location, eliminating most of the connections found on conventional RO system designs.  This also dramatically reduces the potential liability of leaking, while minimizing service and call-backs.
  • Expresses a clean, modern appliance look and feel.
  • Produces better quality RO water due to patented ‘water-on-water’ technology.
  • Higher RO water production – eliminates the need for pumps.
  • Environmentally friendly: lowest waste to produce pure water – up to 500% less water wasted over other RO systems.
  • Constant pressure is delivered throughout water delivery – this is unique to the WOW system – all other RO systems have diminishing flow as reservoir tank gets depleted.
  • Can be installed to faucets, icemakers (even coolers and coffeemakers at work)
  • Sanitary rapid-change filters are super easy to replace (as easy as changing a light bulb) and prevent cross-contamination (as what can happen with bowl-type filter systems).
  • Works better with ice makers and auto coffee makers.
  • Better water quality due to greater ‘net driving pressure’.  The WOW system incorporates its patented ‘water-on-water’ smart processing technology and the quality of the treated water remains high throughout production, unlike conventional RO systems that utilize older ‘water-on-air’ processing technology.
  • Because the WOW system uses less water, the pre-filter does not have to be over-sized for one year usability.
  • The WOW system has an automatic fast forward flush of the RO membrane – this feature reduces biological fouling of the membrane, which can slow down water production/flow and  avoids malfunction of the system and the need for manufacturing service.
  • Expandable storage system, for greater water needs (larger families, food service, office applications).
  • Single unit can service a multiple of water coolers with a single line.
  • System can fit into many coolers.

Easy Installation

Our installation videos will show you just how easy the WOW system is to install – whether under-the-sink or counter top.

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