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There is an enormous and growing demand for both quality drinking water and the avoidance of the harmful environmental effects of plastic water bottles. Point-of-use reverse osmosis drinking water appliances were first introduced into the market in the early 1970’s. Early RO designs were referred to as ‘air-on-water’ because the water is processed by the RO membrane and stored in a tank that includes a separate compartment for air. As the processed water enters the tank, it compresses the processed water against the air cell for redelivery. This action alone causes a reduction in net driving pressure to the membrane, reducing production and increasing salt passage, thus resulting in an undesirable efficiency and a poorer quality of water produced. To overcome the inherent limitations of the ‘air-on-water’ design, many inventors developed the ‘water-on-water’ design, which uses the existing water pressure to dispense the water to the user. However, even the most successful system was complicated and had many ‘issues and idiosyncrasies’ where ultimately, the positives outweighed the negatives. One early adopter, Topper/WOW Water CEO Tim Beall, gained extensive knowledge and experience of ‘water-on-water’ design and established him as an authority on the subject (he also came from an extensive career in injection plastic molding). Tim explored innovative system assembly concepts and strategic marketing alliances, which could lead to a low cost, high performance product. In his pursuits, Tim discovered and patented a ‘water-on-water’ control valve so magically simple that it almost defies explanation. It consists of four parts and only one of them moves – a true breakthrough (previous designs were intricate and complex, having as many as 50 parts). Everything finally came together when Tim was reunited with other pioneering colleagues, combining their combined 100 years of experience in the POU water industry with his ‘water-on-water’ tank design and system concept with the ‘intelligent water-on-water’ control valve… the result is Topper Water Systems’ WOW Water unit, an innovative and revolutionary solution to the need for a high-quality and cost-effect consumer reverse osmosis water treatment unit.