RO Comparison


The WOWwater RO (reverse osmosis) system with its unique patented technology, sleek design and compact size is the most versatile, efficient and hassle free POU (point of use) RO system on the market today and the only one of its kind made entirely in the USA. Our proprietary system protected by multiple patents implements WOW (water on water) technology which allows us to operate the RO membrane with ‘zero-backpressure’ the way it was originally intended. Here is what makes the WOWwater system the perfect solution for homes, offices, Rv’s, boats and more:
      • Versatility – The only point-of-use RO system in the world designed ready to use right out of the box on your countertop or to be easily installed under-the-sink in most cases under an hour.
      • Superior Water – Zero back pressure produces the highest quality water compared to captive air systems which have an ever decreasing quality of water produced as the tank fills.
      • Up to 500% less reject water used because peak efficiency – i.e. constant delivery flow – is achieved at all times (other RO units suffer from decreasing delivery pressure as the reservoir supply is depleted, which also causes decreased quality AND increased waste water production).
      • Significantly more compact than traditional ‘air-on-water’ systems because the large volume of air in the tank is no longer necessary, reducing the space required for installation by 35-50 percent.
      • Produces the highest quality water up to 50% faster than its ‘air-on-water competitors. This means a smaller, lower cost membrane and storage tank can be used, which allows for countertop application or less space under the sink.
      • Safe and convenient sanitary-rapid-change filters offer the option of consumer-friendly maintenance; and the WOW cartridges that are 100% recyclable.
      • The WOW Water ‘water-on-water’ design optimizes the RO process and automatically fast flushes the membrane whenever water is dispensed. This feature extends membrane life and reduces biological activity. The 200-percent-plus greater efficiency allows the pre-filter to be downsized by 50 percent and still provide a year or more of service.
      • The constant flow is ideal for dispensing from the faucet and water-dispensing appliances – eliminating the need for pumps in most cases.

RV/Boat and Food Service Versatility

With its unique technology, flexible design and compact size the WOW Reverse Osmosis unit allows for easy installation, allowing RV and boat owners to enjoy clean, pure RO water in their vehicles.